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Shipping and Company Solutions

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Expertise and passion are the qualities that best represent the spirit with which we operate, and the service we offer our clients daily in our thirty-eight years of experience mainly in the maritime industry.  

Our scope is to satisfy our clients’ needs efficiently and with the discretion required by the maritime sector. The main characteristics of our work is the full support to our clients and we deem a satisfied client as only evidence of our good job. We could easily do our job though phone lines or emails, but we are ready to reach our clients everywhere.

We are proud to offer a high quality consultancy, with solutions tailored for each individual client or company. We accomplish this by retaining a team of marine survey professionals and auditors, which include experienced captains, engineers, qualified ISM / ISPS & ISO Auditors, accredited Flag State inspectors.

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We work with the most highly-regarded professionals in the maritime industry, both on a national and international level and are able to guarantee the best assistance possible in the administration, negotiation, purchase, sale and rental of any type of vessel (Bulk, Tankers, Ro-Ro, Pax, Ro-Ro-Pax,  Cont., Supply, Reefer,  Off-Shore, Tug, Fishing, Yachts etc.) in all branches of the maritime industry to include financial and eventual technical advice.
Our services are comprehensive and will guide the owners from the early stages on cost comparison between registries, through the requirements, preparation of forms and lodging them through the Consulates, Registries and Shipping Departments to obtaining the Registration Documents.
Our assistance also extends to the funding of all naval operations and the recruitment of mandates in the establishment and management of companies active in the maritime sector and asset management, through our international network of professionals and correspondent law firms, we take care of the incorporation, structuring, administration and operation of offshore companies in a diversity of jurisdictions worldwide, especially Belize, British Virgin Islands, Malta, Panama and United Kingdom.

We offer consultation and provides solutions in the following areas: Registrations and Deletions of Vessels under most jurisdictions (Malta, Palau, Panamà ect.) – STCW Crew Certificates, ISM/ISPS Code, Flag State Authorizations, Exemptions Certificates, Bunkers/CLC/MLC 2006/MSM/DPA/SSO/etc

Italy Branch and representative office of OMCS CLASS (Overseas Marine Certification Service) a ship classification society. The principal work of the Society’s expert technical staff is to undertake surveys to ensure that the rules that apply to new construction and existing ships are followed, in order to ensure the safety of these vessels and the prevention of marine pollution. In addition to its classification activities, ClassIBS conducts surveys on behalf of third parties including State Administrations, and verifies the safety management systems of ship-management companies and ships, in accordance with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code and International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

Deputy Registrars (DR) of Palau International Ship Registry (PISR), is one of the fastest growing registries in the world. By investing in advanced technology, highly experienced staff and building on a foundation of a fully electronic registry, PISR continues to provide the highest standards of administrative, legal, technical and support functions to ship-owners and managers. Having a set of unique SMART.Registry® tools and a dedicated Deficiency Prevention System – SMART.DPS® with greater operational and cost-effective flexibility for ship owners, PISR is redefining the Ship Registration service and proves that the world’s oceans are big enough for a smart superior Flag of confidence that ship owners can trust and believe in.




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